Happy Holidays!


Just a little sneak peak into our time over the holidays.  I hope everyone was able to relax a little with with their family and loved ones.  Here’s to a great 2014!

Internet Art

I am constantly looking for art to fill my walls.  I think it makes a space feel more personal, authentic, and comfortable.

And I love finding pieces that hold a special meaning (like my grandmother’s artwork), a flea market find that just speaks to you in some way, or maybe you are saving up for that original Picasso!   But as we all know, it takes time and money to curate an art collection.

So, in the meantime, consider the internet for quick, unique, and original art that will look amazing mixed in with your current collection (and they won’t cost a fortune).  Botanicals, hand drawn illustrations, and watercolors are always a great choice.

What about you?  How do you fill your walls with art?




(1,2, 5)Natural Curiosities (3) lisaillustration on Esty (4) calamaristudio on Etsy (6)  imogensattic on Etsy (7,8)